Crappy Hotel Coffee

As you may know from my Facebook posts (you really should friend me at DrDavid Powers and The Coffee Scholar) and recent blogs, I’m still in Wash DC. Started the week out at a conference and lots of meetings. Now I’m just tramping about with my oldest son Abishai and wife Korrene playing tourist.

We were at the Omni for the conference, but moved downtown to the Courtyard Marriott for the fun. Nice location. I’m looking out my window right now at the Spy Museum and the front steps of the National Portrait Gallery.

There’s something here in the room I might loosely call coffee, but would much rather refer to as ‘nasty brown water’.

The pot is a Cafe Valet by Hamilton Beach which is an ok drip machine and works well considering the lack of maintenance it gets.

The tea on top is Bigelow’s, which is a huge hotel/motel supplier. It’s a variety pack that contains a Cozy Chamomile and a Green Tea.

Down on the counter is something in a brown bag called Barista Bold. It’s made by Royal Cup Coffee. Nothing special. Just something to run through the machine and turn your hot water brown. Then add non-dairy powder creamer and sugar for flavor.

Why is this? Most hotels have a decent tea offering and great wine list. Room service here is supplied by Gordon Biersch on the 1st floor, which means an awesome beer list. I’ve never stayed at a hotel that offered any variety in coffee. At most, they might have 2 types of Starbucks.

Let’s change this. Start telling your hotels that you want them to offer a Coffee Scholar inspired coffee list. Then I can start changing things.

2 thoughts on “Crappy Hotel Coffee

  1. Just found your site. I am, as my kids call me, a coffee snob. We stay at Marriott fairly often (medical reasons). They had a coffee in the lobby and it was good, nothing like the brown water (I agree) in the rooms. The Marriott at Birmingham/UAB stopped serving it.
    I asked and they said it was Barista Bold, made by Royal Cup. Don’t know what to think, but think
    we were misinformed.


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