Beautiful Girls in DC

I’m singing Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls (in my mind) as I write this. Still in Wash DC in tourist mode right now before flying home tomorrow.

I’m struck with a bit of the Scott Shuman Sartorialist bug.

As I walk about town hither and yon, ride the Metro, sprint across busy intersections, I’m amazed at the beauty around me. I’m wondering why there’s so many beautiful women around me here in our nation’s capitol. Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m comparing them to my hometown of Myrtle Beach. Sure, there are a lot of pretty girls in MB, but it’s a different kind of beauty. If you’re looking for half-naked girls on the beach, MB is full of them. If you’re looking for classy, sophisticated women I’ve found quite a few here.

I came up with a couple of reasons why it might be so.

There’s certainly an international flair here in the city. The flair brings with it customs, designs, and fashion not normally available in other places. I’ve noticed for the most part that the European women dress better, even when in tourist mode. I say, “for the most part”. As I pointed this out to my wife a woman walked by chattering away in a foreign language dressed in skin tight grey sweats. Yikes!

Women in this town have access to more fashion. Certainly there are more stores in this town that sell upscale or at least reasonably fashionable clothes. In Myrtle Beach we have 3.2 million beachwear stores all selling trashy t-shirts and short shorts that say things like “Bitch” and “Juicy” on the rear.

Away from the monuments and museums I’m more apt to see women going to work in offices and other venues. Of course, they’re going to dress better for work. Hence the higher propensity for classiness that I see in town.

But even at the touristy areas I certainly notice women that are dressed casual for a long day of walking and shopping without appearing trashy. They are one in a million among the t-shirt and cut-off wearing tourist masses. I term the two classes as casual chic and casual dumpy.

I’ll close this rant with someone I spotted yesterday. As I walked by the National Portrait Gallery on my way to the Law Enforement Memorial I noticed a young lady sitting on the steps at the Gallery. She was wearing a beautiful sky blue dress with heels. As I walked by I also noticed the book she was reading and smiled. Here was this beautiful woman reading Ghost Soldiers by Hampton Sides, a non-fiction war history about World War II. I have the same book playing in my car’s CD player back home. Not normal fare for a young woman. I was struck by the juxtaposition of beauty, sophistication, and the horrors of war all in the same place.

Ah, enough of this though. Tomorrow I’m back in the hinterland of too small a bikini on too large a woman.


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