Biker Coffee in Portland OR

Just read a great article penned by Bike Snob NYC in this month’s Outside magazine. The Snob took a trip to the golden city of safe bicycling and chronicled his exploits.

Here’s a couple of great quotes. Check out the mag or the Snob’s blog (or book) for more of his bike-centric writing.

His nod to coffeeand its importance to biking…

“The city is also drenched in quality coffee and beer, arguably the ideal pre- and post-ride beverages, so you can always slip into a cafe or bar while you wait out the weather.”

“I notice that the 20-foot bike corral outside is brimming with practical yet stylish rides, like a hitching post in a hipster western.”

I loved the imagery created by that one.

And we need moreof these in my town…

“…next door to a coffee shop with a “bike-thru” window.”

About Portland OR in general he says…

“…this town is indeed like a revolving door of cycling pleasure.”

from Dropping In: BSNYC vs. PDX by Bike Snob NYC, Outside, May 2010


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