BSkinny Coffee Products Review

Digital version of my Tales of the Bean coffee column in Parent News magazine…

Boresha BSkinny Diet Coffee

                I’m always excited and intrigued by what people do with coffee. It’s a drink easily as complex as wine or liquor although it seldom is appreciated for that ability by the Maxwell House and Folgers brand of drinkers. Lately, coffee has entered the market very heavily on the nutritional and herbal supplement side of the equation. You may remember I recently reviewed a coffee product popularly known as sex coffee. This time I’d like to review one known more popularly as diet coffee.

                I’m talking about a product known as Boresha, described in the brochure as “an exotic coffee experience with a purpose.” It’s also known as BSkinny Coffee. Although I have a sample in hand, I haven’t been using the product long enough to describe the effects for me personally, so I’ll mostly quote from the promotional literature. As with any product you need to try it for yourself. My results would probably differ from yours anyway.

                I like the fact that it’s made from good coffee product, this one being “all natural 100% organic fair trade certified grade AA/AAA African Arabica coffee beans.” Most coffee nutritional supplements are made from unknown quality, mixed origin beans with very little natural flavor remaining. It’s like eating an all-beef kosher hot dog versus the one that’s made up of whatever fell into the machinery.

                The label states that the coffee holds the first low-glycemic patent ever awarded. For those of you that have never heard of the glycemic index or associated diets, let me educate you a little bit. I say, “a little” because I’ve never been on one of those diets. Though I’m sure it would be a great benefit to my health and activity levels, I’ve never found the need for it. The primary reason for me is that pasta and Mountain Dew are not on the list of allowed foods.

                The glycemic index is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates and sugar on the blood sugar levels. The terms low and high refer to how the sugars are broken down into the blood. A low index means that the food is broken down slower, absorbed more slowly, and better utilized by the body. A high index food is just the opposite. For the most part, low is good, high is bad.

                Because of the low index and other actions of the coffee including another patented product called Buffered Caffeine, the product promises…

  • Patented hunger control
  • Balance energy
  • Thermogenic fat burning
  • Buffered caffeine

It also promises to combat stress-related eating. Tell you what though, if stress-related eating is as bad as people say, I must be pretty stressed out.

I could go on and on and quote all the clinical trials and other product literature, but you really need to see that for yourself. If you’re like me, you might like to know about a specific aspect of the clinical evidence and not need all the other stuff. Check out the website though. It’s all there.

If you like what you see on the website, call Crystal Carter Chapman, the local dealer for BSkinny. Chapman is one of those people that I met on Facebook and enjoy conversing with regularly, but never met in real life, until now. (I seem to be getting more and more of those these days. Am I the only one?) I actually had the opportunity to meet her for this article and found out that she’s just as nice in real life as in the digital one. I hope she felt the same about me.

You can contact her at 843-424-0065 or through her website. Ask her all the questions the website didn’t answer and tell her you’d like to try the coffee. She does regular tastings and can invite you to the next one. If you’re one of those really weird folks or Brits who prefer tea to coffee, she also has a similar tea product.


5 thoughts on “BSkinny Coffee Products Review

  1. Via e-mail-
    “Hello Dr. Powers:

    I just read your article in Parent News and
    also visited your website. I was impressed by your
    writings and your focus on life practices.

    I too love coffee and the culture that surrounds it.
    Recently a friend introduced a new coffee company to me,
    Boresha which now has a “Skinny Coffee” product that burns fat.
    Drink coffee, burn fat, make money……hhmmmmm.

    My friend approached me with the business end of it, which
    seemed very attractive. I thought that if the coffee was good
    and the weight loss accurate it would be worth sharing with others.
    In 8 weeks time of drinking the coffee and tea,
    I have burned 18 lbs. of fat, lost 4″ around may waist and
    1″ on my shirt collar… it really works…lol.

    The coffee is AA Arabica beans , 100% organic farms in Ethiopia.
    No herbicides or insecticides have ever been on these farms.
    If people only knew what they were brewing.

    I would like to chat more with you about Boresha and “Skinny Coffee”.
    It would make interesting reading for your column.
    I’m sure you want to do some research on the company and products,
    so I’ve included a few websites.

    I hope to chat with you soon,
    Joel Raffensberger
    Myrtle Beach, SC 843 495-0793 Cell”

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  3. I’ve been drinking the Boresha “BSkinny” coffee now for a week and I can honestly tell you that I’ve lost about an inch around the waist so far. All this does is increase your metabolism without the jitters and WOW, does this coffee taste great. I can say I believe it is the best I’ve ever had with no bitter after taste whatsoever.

    My only complaint is the cost but it is paying off in weight loss so I’m going to use it for 30 days and I’ll report back then.

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