Coffee Bikes- Where Does Your Coffee Come From?

I enjoy attaching my favorite beverage to a social cause and coffee is ripe for it. Though I care for how we treat our planet, I’m not an environmental activist, so I don’t concentrate on those aspects of coffee.

I like to get involved with the people of coffee. That’s the whole basis of The Coffee Scholar business that I run. I like connecting people to the experience of coffee. Part of that experience is knowing how coffee gets from bush to cup.

A while back I reviewed some coffees from Land of a Thousand Hills. They specialize in Rwandan beans that are truly awesome. It’s not just the coffee either. I swear I can enjoy the  taste even better when I know that every drop I drink is helping someone.

Rwanda was torn apart by a genocide in 1994 and is still recovering. Coffee is a large part of that recovery.

Land of a Thousand Hills is doing an awesome job helping the farmers. A new effort of theirs is helping secure bikes to transport the coffee. Here in the States it’s easy to throw our junk in the back of a truck or car. Over there, the farmers are transporting bags of coffee by bicycle. It’s not easy, but they don’t complain.

Check out the Coffee Bike site and see if you can help. If you need more information, call Land of a Thousand Hills. They’ll tell you stories that’ll make your eyes leak. Be sure to tell them that the Coffee Scholar sent you.


One thought on “Coffee Bikes- Where Does Your Coffee Come From?

  1. Via e-mail-
    Thank you so much. We appreciate your support. I am actually heading over there in a couple of weeks to help with the coffee harvest and start building a home for the orphans. What we do through coffee is so important! =)


    Karen Akridge-Houghton
    Bright Ideas Coordinator

    Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee
    352 South Atlanta Street
    Roswell, GA 30075
    Cell: 404.751.6649
    Office: 866.875.4369

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