Penthouse to Outhouse Coffee Review

A friend of mine and the worship pastor at my church posted a few comments on Facebook about a new coffee he’s trying. I thought it would be beneficial to post a review from an outside third-party source. I got his permission to post them here for public consumption. 

Here ya go…

TJ Goff: Worst coffee ever this morning. Went from Starbucks Verona yesterday to Eight AM Colombian today. Penthouse to outhouse.

You need rescuing man. I have some whole bean Kona at the house.
Yes. How can I get me some of that? And how much is it and where do you get it?
I write coffee reviews, so I get it free. I’ll bring you some on Sunday.
Did Beth have a coupon for that stuff? I think I saw a good review for it in a coupon website. I printed the coupon but haven’t bought. Glad to hear your review before I bought.
Don’t get it unless they pay you. Their French roast is bearable.
Hey, do you mind if I print your comments on my coffee blog as a review?
Not at all.
Hope you enjoyed that little interchange and TJ’s take Eight AM coffee. Coffee is one of the few things that people are spending more money on during a bad economy. Even decent coffee is affordable by the bag, so don’t let your friends drink bad coffee.
By the way, TJ leads worship services at Wellspring Church in Myrtle Beach SC. Check it out sometime. 

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