Internet Liars

This post will be just a bit of a break from my regular fare. Much as I love showcasing the “authentic” coffee drinker and posting my finds of coffee usage in pop culture, every so often I have to wax poetic and make commentary on more serious, or at least social problems.

I’d like talk about Internet liars. We all know them and have at least one integrated into our lives. By liars I’m referring to the people that forward and forward:forward and then forward:re:forward quotes, stories, and pics to all their friends that they assume care about these things.

The vast majority of these items on the ‘net simply aren’t true. They’re just exaggerations, rumors, made up stories. They’re the kind of stories that used to start out with “You know, I heard…” Now they start out with “Forward:…”

We all have a person like this in our lives that we simply can’t tell to shut up and quit bothering us. It might be a family member, friend, or fellow worker. They’re constantly sending stories that they know are absolutely true, but that a miniscule amount of fact-checking reveals is pure falsehood. Lately, quotes from the current Presidential administration seem to be the common fare.

Aside from the time drain and aggravation factor of receiving or erasing these e-mails, they collectively tend to make an otherwise honest person seem somehow less truthful, less reliable. If they’re willing to accept such superfluous Internet trash as straight-from-God truth and tell everyone else so, then how can I trust them with statements, beliefs, or anything else that comes out of their mouth or keyboard.

That’s the real crutch, the real damage that comes out of Internet garbage. It creates liars out of non-liars and that’s the truth.


One thought on “Internet Liars

  1. Very true! And to be totally honest I used to do this. Not anymore. I got called on the carpet about one of my forwards and since then I haven’t wanted to trust someone else’s say so until I check it out. has been a big help for me.

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