Starbucks Garbage

With a title like that I bet you think I’m gonna bash on the old mermaid a bit. Nah, not this morning. This morning I have to brag on her a wee bit.

Starbucks just started an endeavor to turn all their old cups into new napkins. Now that’s pretty neat. It’s estimated that they go through 3 billion paper cups a year. Now that’s a lot of paper.

Starting this fall, they’ll be sending those cups to a Georgia Pacific paper mill that will churn out the Starbucks napkins.

You know that game where you write something on a dollar and see if anyone responds and where from? People do it to see how far their dollar goes. I think we should all write notes on the used cups and see if they make it onto the napkins. Joe in CA will read a note on a napkin that I wrote in NY, that kind of thing.

This is a great move for Starbucks. People love to bash them for everything. I admit I indulge as well. Their coffee is just horrible. But I have to ask all the “authentic” coffee drinkers out there- what are you doing with your used cups?

Glass house. Here’s your stone.


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