Spies Love Coffee

It’s true. Spies love coffee and coffeeshops.

Why wouldn’t they love coffee? It’s available anywhere in the world. It’s got the right chemicals to keep them jazzed on a mission or stakeout. It tastes great and can be adapted for any taste palate.

And the coffeeshops. There’s no better place than a coffeeshop to do a drop or have a top secret conversation. Now that the technological use of coffeeshops has increased, it’s even better for today’s 21st century spy. Free wifi everywhere!

Regarding the latest spy incident in New York city, I snatched this quote from the Associated Press…

“The FBI said that one of the subjects, Anna Chapman, would go to a coffeeshop in Manhattan on Wednesdays and set up her laptop.”

Then the spy drop would occur. A van used by Russians would drive by and Chapman would wirelessly transfer files to the van from her computer. Then she would finish her coffee and go back to her cover.

This made me think. Can you think of other instances in movies, tv, books, or real life where coffee and spies mixed? If so, let me know.

I can only think of one that sticks in my mind. Don Cheadle in Traitor used a coffeeshop connection to transfer information to foil a terrorist plot.

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