Fresh Cup Magazine, July 2010

Just finished reading my latest issue of Fresh Cup magazine. It’s one that I recommend for any decent staple of foodie industry literature. For a stash of foodie lit, I suggest this magazine because you need one that devoted to non-alcoholic beverages. They have plenty of their own. Fresh Cup covers the coffee and tea worlds and oftentimes how the two blend at times.

This month’s edition covered…

Finding chocolate products to complement coffee (I know a caterer in my hometown that makes an awesome chocolate bread pudding that would go well with any coffee product- Katering in Myrtle Beach SC)

Tailoring roasting equipment to meet your business needs

Accessorizing your cafe for maximum impact

An excellent first-person travel piece on Darjeeling tea

…and quite a few really good small articles.

I’ll give the Darjeeling article my three coffee bean salute for this issue.

Check it out if you’re not just a drinker, but into the industry as well.

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