Two-Timing the Newspaper

I’m determined not to let newspapers die until they’ve fulfilled my grand purpose in life. You see, I have a goal. Not just any goal, but a snapshot of me at success.

One of these days I would like to have the leisure time in the morning to read the papers. Nowadays I just don’t have the time enjoy more than one. I barely have the time to enjoy my local paper. In the future though, I plan on reading every morning…a local paper (wherever I may be at the time), the USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal.

If you read a paper, here’s a trick that might help you enjoy it more. Try two-timing the paper. In other words, pass it on to somebody with commentary.

My mom gets a paper every morning. She reads it early. Then my dad brings it with him to work and drops it on my desk. Then I read it.

Mom usually writes in a few notes, draws funny pics, or even clips a coupon or two. One time, she even wrote my name and book title into the Bestseller’s List. It was nice to see my name on the list even if it was in blue cursive rather than the Times New Roman font. It’s fun to see what mom thinks about some of the articles or which ones that she thinks applies to me.

Then I read the paper and cut out various articles for my own projects or to pass on to others. Sometimes, pieces of one paper go through half a dozen hands as mom or I pass articles and comics on to others.

I regifted an article back to her this week. It was titled- How to help your grown children without going broke. Hope she reads it!

If you don’t read a paper, you should. If you do, try finding new ways to enjoy it. As you pass it on, I think the running commentary is great.


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