A Reloan to Kiva.org

I was amazingly impressed with Jessica Jackley’s presentation last year at the Global Leadership Summit hosted by Willow Creek Church outside Chicago IL. So impressed that I went straight home that day and sent microloans to two women associated with coffee. One was in Bolivia and the other in Nicaragua. Both women sold coffee and other sundries from snack wagons.

Both recently repaid their loans so the money is back in my account. I have 2 choices now- I can have the money sent straight back to my bank where $50 might buy my wife and me a meal out or I can reinvest the same and it could change the world for a third world entrepreneur. No brainer.

I typed in “coffee” at Kiva.org and it brought up several folks that looked like great candidates. I chose Musana Kwebisaho and Katungamo Women’s Voice Group, both in Uganda. Ms Kwebisaho buys and sells coffee beans. She needs the loan to expand her shop and small farm. The Women’s group has a small farm that raises everything they can, including coffee. Check them out for more info.

I think Kiva is doing a great thing. It’s a joy for me to help entrepreneurs with my limited funds. The thing is, my limited funds are huge to them. This experience is also a great one for my kids. We homeschool our 2 boys and Kiva gives us an opportunity to teach them many lessons, including a great one about the global economy.

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