Get the Fat Off at the Bakery

I found a novel idea at a local bakery here in town called Croissants Bistro and Bakery. The manager Will Gravely and the chef Brad Daniels are in a challenge to see who can lose the most weight. They’re not doing it all willy-nilly either. Each week they have a different challenge. This week’s challenge is a ban on processed foods.

Their rules are…

1. Nothing with more than 5 ingredients

2. Nothing your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food

3. Nothing labeled low-fat, fat-free, diet, etc.

4. Nothing with ingredients you can’t pronounce

I’ve been following them through the weekly newsletters they send out to subscribers. I don’t even know either of the guys personally, but I’ve enjoyed watching the progress.

Here’s one of their challenege videos…

Follow the progress. It’s fun. If you’re in the Myrtle Beach SC area, you should drop in for a meal or delicious dessert-snack.


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