New Twix Bar Flavor- Twix Java

I’ve been asked to review the new Twix Java flavor candy bar. Although the bar formally came out way back in the stone ages of 2007, it hasn’t made many appearances in the fave candy outlet of most shoppers- the friendly neighborhood convenience store. Now that it’s been sighted locally in my area, I thought I’d give it a whirl on the review.

Since, despite the cliche, we do judge books by their covers, let’s start with the apperance. The wrapper has the same look and feel of a standard Twix. I like the stylized “java” logo. Simplistic and explanatory with the top of a mug and the coffee steam attractively shown. The one I have does not feature the “Limited Edition” wording at the top as the initial release did, which may mean that Twix Java has made its way into the regular pantheon of chocolate goodies.

The ingredient list is normal, with the exception of the “espresso ground coffee” addition. I find that very comforting. Many coffee-centric products use instant coffee or coffee flavoring, which only produces a mere bastardization of an “authentic” coffee product.

With the external analysis over with, let’s tear into this baby and see what makes it tick.

Normally I’ll stuff an entire Twix bar into my mouth and chew it into a huge mass of chocolatey- carameley goodness. I went slow with this one so that I could feel out the subtler flavor elements. I’m doing this for you. I’m still sorely tempted to stuff it in my gullet.

The coffee elements are a great blend. Some coffee-centric products feel the need to overdo the coffee flavor in order to prove themselves worthy of waving the coffee banner. Not so with this one. I can still taste the basic Twix flavor, albeit with a coffee enhancement. Not bad at all.

I enjoy tasting all of the various limited edition and new candy bars to come out in past years. Some are good. Many are not. This is the first coffee-related one that I approve of. I’ll give it a two mugs up and grant my approval. If you like coffee and chocolate, it’s perfect. If you’re the kind of person that likes a hint of coffee, but not the full on taste of the bean, then this candy bar should still be great for you.


4 thoughts on “New Twix Bar Flavor- Twix Java

  1. I’m sure the caffeine is minimal. It does have espresso in it, which adds caffeine. The espresso is listed last in the ingredients though, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

  2. Via Facebook- “I’m always curious to try new things. Will have to look for it. I do like mocha flavor.”

  3. Near your house at the Wilco station just past the new Fitness Edge facility. They have them on the counter.

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