Squirrel Bottle Cozies and Fifi Vodka- A Review of the Sep/Oct issue of Mutineer Magazine

Just finished reading my latest issue of Mutineer magazine. I love this mag! For my various reviews, magazine articles, and quirky curiosities I read a ton of magazines on everything under the sun. For example, on my desk right now, in addition to Mutineer, are a construction magazine and Cigar Aficionado.

For all the beverage mags that I read, Mutineer is the one that appeals to my particular sensibilities. It’s not written for wine snobs or “cork dorks”, as John Jordan was quoted saying in this issue. It covers all aspects of beverage, but also includes the culture and fun. Well rounded, one might say.

The specs on the latest issue…

Comedian Ben Morrison has a great column working out the angles of what his dad would be if he were a drink. I think my dad would be an Irish whiskey.

A great article from Brian Kropf on his recent deployment to Haiti along with an interesting bit about a rum factory there.

An article about a rescue home for girls. One of the things I like most about Mutineer is that it covers all fine beverage, not just alcohol. In most of their articles on non-profits, disasters, and the less fortunate they are quick to mention that CLEAN drinking water is a fine beverage indeed.

Decoding coffee certifications. Get the lowdown on all the various labels people attach to coffee to decide what you feel special about. Me, I’m all about direct trade in favor of the others. Sure, the other certs can be helpful, but direct trade growers seem to me to be the happiest and most conscionable.

Monk cheese. Say what? Yeah, monk cheese.

An absolutely awesome Darjeeling rice pudding recipe. I’m a rice pudding connoisseur and am itching to try it.

An excellent history article about Wayne Wheeler’s Prohibition activities.

For more details, read on…


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