On the Road Again

I love being on the road travelling. Call it wanderlust. Call it a hereditary trait from my Viking forefathers. Call it whatever you will, but I love seeing new things and experiencing new places.

I’m on a short trip to the Nashville, TN area for a class at Dan Miller’s Sanctuary. It’s a decent drive from my home in Myrtle Beach, about 10 hours. Ideally I’d break up a drive of that distance into two parts just so I can enjoy it more and stop at a few places in transit. I make driving trips through familiar terrain more tolerable by listening to books on CD. I ticked off two books on the first round of the trip.

Self-portrait taken on the Old Natchez Trace near Franklin TN

The first book I listened to was Preacher’s Justice by William Johnstone. Great book, especially for the genre. Johnstone is a modern Louis L’Amour and just as prolific. A term I picked up from the book is “see the creature.” It embodied how I feel about travelling. The term was often applied to mountain men, who were drawn to venture outward. They always wanted to see the next mountain. When they reached the mountain they wanted to see the next one. It was like they were constantly searching for a new creature, heretofore undiscovered by man. They wanted to “see the creature.”

I drove through Augusta, GA on the way over and passed the California Dreaming restaurant. I once dated a girl who worked for the chain that owned Dreaming. We would always stop at their restaurants when travelling because she got a hefty employee discount.

Then onward to Atlanta. This brought back memories. I used to travel to Conyers a lot when my sister lived there. She lived down the street from the International Horse Park, which is where the mountain bike course from the 1996 Summer Olympics. I would just ride from her house down to the course and hit the trails. Atlanta was my first stop on my famed Expedition Alaska trip that I wrote about in my Becoming a Turtle book.

Then onward to Franklin, which is a small town south of Nashville. Check in on the next blog for more about the trip.


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