Caffeine Kills

Apparently, caffeine induced psychosis is now a reason to kill. Woody Smith, a 33-year-old Kentucky man is facing life in prison for killing his wife. His reason…too much caffeine. He claims that caffeine ingestion from coffee, sodas, and diet pills caused such a sleep-deprived and mentally unstable state that it led him to strangle his wife.

I don’t buy it, and I resent it. Why should coffee and the American stand-by known as caffeine be pulled into one idiot’s deluded nightmare? It all comes down to choice and personal responsibility. I mean, it’s not like the Son of Sam’s dog was telling this guy to do it.

“Woof! Drink coffee! Take diet pill! Drink soda! Kill! Kill! Woof, woof!

Instead of ingesting all that crap, maybe Woody should’ve used The Coffee Scholar’s Method for Instigation of Peaceful Living. Find a good brew of coffee , maybe a nice single origin bean or tasty blend. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. At that point, instead of yelling at you, the imaginary talking dog will just sit there at your feet and relax with you.

Read Katie Drummond’s post at the AOL news desk for more info on the case and a few tidbits about caffeine toxicity.

How many Red Bulls will it take to kill me?


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