Barista Bath and Body Survey

Just a few minutes ago my sister delivered a bundle to me from the office mailbox- an entire box of goodies from Barista Bath and Body. Beauty products enhanced with coffee. Awesome stuff.


I’m now on the search for a few lovely guinea pigs to try them out and help me with the review. For those of you that know me personally, you know that shampoo is lost on me. This is all just a tease though, because the full review of the products will be in next month’s Tales of the Bean, my monthly column on coffee that appears in Parent News magazine. Don’t worry, I’ll post it online when it comes out.

I’ll also be giving away some of these products at the TEDxMyrtleBeach conference I’m hosting in Myrtle Beach, SC so be sure to register.

For this blog I’d like to post a survey that was sent over by the ladies at Barista that deals with how people are drinking their coffee…


Coffee Lovers’ Survey Shows Coffee Drinkers Getting It At Home
Survey Shows 35 Percent Believe They Make the Best Coffee at Home
PORTLAND, Ore., September 29, 2010 –A recent coffee survey conducted by Barista Bath and Body,  a luxurious new coffee-inspired hair and skin care line, shows that coffee drinkers have continued to fulfill their java fix, despite the recession, even though nearly 60 percent  say they somewhat or significantly cut back their coffee house visits.
 Most drink one to two cups of coffee per day (54.5 percent), but about eight percent consume more than five cups a day.  An amazing 62.5 percent profess they consume 25 percent or less of their coffee outside the home.
Although nearly 15.6 percent said they decreased their coffee house visits significantly due to the recession, Starbucks followers seem to be more loyal with only 12.3 percent claiming they significantly reduced their visits to the ubiquitous chain.
Seventy-two percent of consumers like to drink their favorite cup of joe at home.  In fact, 35.7 percent consider themselves home-grown baristas, stating that they brew the best coffee, bar none. While 60.3 percent reported purchasing their daily cup at Starbucks, only 20.8 percent reported that Starbucks brews the best coffee. Other coffee outlets rated for “best” coffee were: Dunkin’ Donuts, 13.6 percent; Peet’s, 6.5 percent; Caribou 4.5 percent; McDonald’s 3.9 percent; and Stumptown, 2.6 percent.
Coffee ON the Body?
In addition to coffee for drinking, many survey respondents had heard of the topical benefits of coffee: 64.9 percent of respondents reported being aware of the topical benefits of caffeine/coffee, but most had little to no understanding of what those benefits are. Only 5.2 percent were aware that caffeine has been shown to protect against UV skin damage and just 11 percent were aware that caffeine has been reported to stimulate hair growth.
A java jolt for the shower
When asked which coffee-inspired bath and body products they would try, consumers responded with these top three: shampoo, 66.9 percent, conditioner, 62.2 percent and scrub, 54.7 percent.  Approximately half of all respondents were willing to try coffee-inspired shower gel, cream, lip balm and soap.
Published studies have documented the benefits of the topical application of coffee and its major constituent, caffeine. Barista Bath and Body products are formulated with organic coffee, coffee extract and essential oils to maximize the revitalizing benefits of coffee.
Coffee, along with caffeine – its major ingredient – has the following advantages. It:
·         Features a pH balance similar to the human body, meaning that it cleans better than ordinary soap or shampoo
·         acts as a gentle exfoliant
·         performs as an effective astringent
·         promotes the appearance of smoother-looking skin, especially in cellulite-prone areas
Super-charged for your skin and hair, Barista Bath and Body products offer the perfect indulgence for beauty addicts and coffee fanatics alike, and appeal equally to both women and men.  The line includes shampoo, conditioner, gel, body scrub, body crème, soap, mist and lip balm; all are available at
Other Data: The “skinny” on coffee types, flavors, holiday choices and more:
Flavored or regular, iced or hot, specialty gourmet or supermarket brands, coffee is a popular beverage in many forms and continues to evolve to meet the wants of consumers since it was introduced more than a thousand years ago.  Here is additional insight on coffee drinkers in a “bean shell”:
  • The most popular coffee machine owned is automatic, 79.2%
  • The supermarket is the most common place for coffee purchases for in-house use, 68.2%
  • Pre-ground coffee was the number one choice for brewing at home (53.9%) with whole bean a close second (48.1%)
  • Brewed or drip was the most popular drink type purchased, 20.6%
  • The favorite holiday flavor is peppermint mocha, 22.1%
  • According to 31.8%, bagels, toast and croissants are the perfect accompaniment to coffee
  • You can’t have coffee talk without the phone.  Of those with a Smartphone, 46.9% are iPhone users while Blackberry (30.3% ) and Droid (22.7%) users make up  the other half.

About Barista Bath and Body

Barista Bath and Body is the first full line of natural hair and skin care products to leverage the benefits of coffee by making organic coffee a primary ingredient in its flagship products. 
Barista Bath and Body was envisioned and launched by three successful businesswomen inspired by coffee and determined to bring performance-driven natural beauty products to the marketplace. The mission of Barista Bath and Body is “…to offer bath and body products that are natural, safe and effective and promote the body’s inherent ability to heal and rejuvenate…”
Barista Bath and Body is headquartered in Portland, Ore., with offices in Orange County, California. 

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