I’m Not Ashamed to Shop at Big Lots

It’s true. I’m not ashamed to shop at Big Lots. I would like to keep it to myself though. They have some pretty cool, really cheap stuff in there. If you’re reading this and you don’t have a Big Lots store I feel bad for you.

It’s jam packed full of discounted but not quite wholesale stuff. All of it’s brand new though. My wife buys a lot of groceries there. Jones soda is only $.70 a bottle. Lots of ground coffee if that’s your fare for the bean. I recently bought some extras for my Wii.

I wanted to point out a coffee-related item for you. They should still have them. I was in there Saturday and they were near the front. You ready…

An Espresso colored electric fireplace.

That’s right, Espresso.

These fireplaces are cool for folks who want the look and warmth of a fireplace without the…fire.


2 thoughts on “I’m Not Ashamed to Shop at Big Lots

    • But you can even get a CD with realistic fire sound effects too. Just kidding. I know what you mean. I don’t blame ya.

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