A 50 Pound Bag of Coffee Will Do For Today

I just finished reading an article from Sunday’s paper. Yeah, I still read the paper version. I just love the feel of print in my hands.

There was an article on the top products to buy at big box warehouse stores like Sam’s and Costco. My wife and I shop at Costco a lot, especially for groceries, so I thought it deserved a read.

Here’s a link to the article if you’d like to read one- 9 Products to Buy.

I’d like to comment, nay, rail against the coffee comments though. I don’t think pre-ground coffee in bulk is something you should buy anywhere. I’m just against pre-ground coffee in principle no matter how big the package is. Pre-ground coffee is just not part of an authentic coffee experience. All pre-ground does for you is adminster a quick hit of caffeinated brown juice. To me, that’s not coffee. It’s just brown water.

Go for the authentic experience. You can actually buy some very good coffee at the warehouse stores in whole beans. I bought a huge volcano shaped box of 100% Kona beans one time. Right now, I know my local Costco is stocking a Jamaica blend, an awesome South American blend from Cafe Don Pablo, and a Sumatran.

Don’t go for the cheap stuff just because you can buy it in a 2-ton bucket. Go for an authentic coffee experience every time, and I guarantee it will be worth it.


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