I Need a Hacksaw…Ruminations on Keifer Sutherland and 24

I watch a lot of television. I admit it. I’m even a little bit proud of it. I consort with a lot of supremely successful people and many of them are pretty anti-television. I’m not holding this against them. I just don’t fit into that mold. In my line of work…mastering the art of living…I learn a lot from television. That’s the key for me. Television is actually useful. It’s like the Internet. Use it’s powers for good and not evil and you can benefit greatly.

A few months ago we cancelled our cable and went over to a strictly Internet-based viewing regimen. We watch Netflix through a Wii and the dvd’s they send us and also catch up on the newer shows via Hulu. Minus the distractions of three million channels to rummage through on cable we now watch tv more purposefully.

I was always a rabid fan of the show 24 from the first time I saw it. The problem was, I didn’t start until season 4. Now lately I’ve been watching the first seasons on Netflix. Something seemed off though. The first season of 24 just didn’t feature the Jack Bauer that we all know, love, and fear. He started out happy and with a normal family. I even saw him smile. He rarely yelled at anyone and the body count was much lower.

As I watch season 2 right now I figured it out. Season 2 starts out with a bang, and it was not long before Jack popped a cap in somebody. Jack needed to lose everything good in his life before he went over to the dark side of the good guys.

So, I’ve established two personas for Agent Bauer. Season 1 showed us Family Jack along with Work Jack. All the other seasons showed us All Work and No Play- I’ll Kill You If You Cross Me Jack. That’s the one I like.

As I close out my ruminations on an excellent television series and a new American icon that I include up there with Clint Eastwood’s Gunny Highway, I’ll close with an excellent quote from season 2 (episode 1: 8:00 A.M. – 9:00 A.M.) that pretty much sums up everything we need to know about Jack. By the way, the photo is a screen image captured right before this marvelous quote…

“You want results, but you never want to get your hands dirty. I’d start rolling up your sleeves…I’m gonna need a hacksaw.”


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