Marich Coffee Candies Review- Lizard Man Likes Them

I read a lot of magazines for many different reasons. Some of them are industry journals such as Remodeling and the Journal of Emergency Medical Services. Others are for business like Inc. and Fast Company. I even read a few others for fun. Of those I read about a half dozen magazines each month that deal with food, mostly coffee. My biggest pursuit is to find new products or companies to review for Tales of the Bean.


I was perusing my latest issue of Fresh Cup and noticed a small article about the Marich Confectionary Company. I’ve heard of Marich before and even sampled their chocolate espresso beans on several occasions. The article mentioned a couple of candies that I was not familiar with so I thought what better company to review than one that combines two of my favorite gastronomic pleasures- coffee and chocolate. I fired off an e-mail to the customer service line and quickly received an answer from Brad Van Dam, the President and CEO of Marich. Then, within days, I walked into my office after lunch to be greeted by a monstrous box of goodies. The Marich box was even freezer-wrapped with cold packs to keep the candies in perfect shape. I have to say that I was immensely pleased. The first impression of a company’s packing materials always says a lot to me about the company culture and pride in what they do. There were about a dozen different treats to sample, some of which I had never seen before. I’ll tell you more about the confections, but first let me tell you about Marich. Let me give it to you in their words from…

“With one taste of a Marich product, you will experience more than 50 years of passion for the art of confectionery. You’ll taste the curiosity that came alive when 15-year-old Marinus van Dam began working at a candy factory in his native Holland. For the next 53 years, Marinus was devoted to discovering and perfecting every aspect of the candy making craft. He instilled that drive in his sons Brad and Troy. Like their father, they worked their way through every aspect of the business that they manage today. Along with a dedicated team of long-time employees, they work hard to uphold the ideals that built the company. The craftspeople who make Marich candies carry that spirit forward into every piece they make.”

Now on to the candies. They were phenomenal. Have you ever been to the store and had the option between the cheap mass market name brand candy bar and the gourmet chocolate bar? It’s a big difference in price but one that you know you can taste with each and every morsel. Even if you don’t know what makes the difference, you know it’s there. Well, that’s what the Marich products are. They’re the gourmet stuff.

Some of the products I sampled were the white chocolate gingerbread, cappuccino almonds, cocoa biscotti, and chocolate espresso beans. My absolute favorites were the espresso caramels covered in dark chocolate and the house blend espresso beans covered in assorted chocolate types.

I attended an event with a friend and fellow coffee junkie from my church. I handed him a small bag of the chocolate espresso beans. Seconds later I turned back and he was handing me an empty wrapper. He downed the whole thing in a couple of gulps and mumbled something about missing his coffee that morning. I’ll just assume he enjoyed them as well. I prefer to enjoy mine in bites rather than gulps.

Marich also sent me a catalog that I’ve taken the liberty of making a wish list from. Highest on the list are the coconut curry cashews, matcha green tea caramels, and the red apple caramels. That’s only the short list. Marich has an impressive catalog full of goodies, including gourmet jellybeans and even sugar-free chocolates.

If you appreciate quality chocolate and want the best, find a store that stocks Marich products. You can’t just order from the company website, so if your favorite coffee shop or book store doesn’t carry them, be sure to set them straight and tell them to place an order. You can, however, get on the website to make a list of what you would like. If you’re nice I might let you come over and see my catalog, but don’t even try to snag any of my samples. They’ll be gone before you get here.

2 thoughts on “Marich Coffee Candies Review- Lizard Man Likes Them

  1. Via Facebook- “well if I owned that company I would appreciate what you wrote! It sure made me want some!” Rita B.

  2. Via e-mail-
    “Hi Dr. David!

    Thank you for reviewing our products and writing such a great article that shares not only the product review but also gives your readers a feel for the kind of people we are.

    Thanks again!

    President CEO

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