Is Coaching Right for You?

I hate the term “life coach”. Even though I hate it, it’s one that I use very often, because that’s what most easily defines what I do. Aside from the inevitable “what do you do?” question, I’m often asked “how does that work?” or “why would I need that?” The very last question is actually much easier to answer than the first two. The easy answer is that most people need some type of coaching to help them reach their definition of success even if they don’t realize it.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if hiring a coach is something that might help pave the way to your dreams. I actually use many of these questions when I do free consultations. Read through them and answer them on your own. Consider it a free consultation.

Are you truly satisfied with your life the way it is?

Do you want something more from your life, beyond what you are presently experiencing?

Do you want something more from your career, beyond what you are experiencing?

List two of your “dreams” for the future.

Have you done anything at all this week to help make your dreams become reality?

Are you satisfied with your business results, or career results?

Are you doing what you really want with your life?

What are your two most identifiable weaknesses?

Did you do anything during this past week to help yourself “overcome” these weaknesses?

Are you living your life with passion?

Do you know that you have “potential” and are capable of accomplishing more?

Do you feel like you’re all boxed in, or are you at a crossroad and don’t know which way to turn?

What are your two greatest “strengths”?

Have you done anything during the past week to further build on these strengths?

Do you feel like life is coming at you so fast and furious, that you’re having a hard time just keeping up?

Do you want to earn more money?

Do you need more time?

Is there something that you are afraid of stepping out and doing?

Are you committed to making changes in your life to achieve more of your full potential?

If you had someone to guide you and help you, are you ready to do the work to make your dreams come true?

Do you know what you “really” want out of life?

Do you know how to get it?

Is there anyone in your life that is totally (100%) …. supporting and encouraging you?

Are you tired of playing it safe, or afraid to step out of your comfort zone?

How long have you been saying “someday I’ll …..”

At the risk of sounding like the answer key to a magazine quiz, I have to say that if you answered all those questions honestly, then you might realize that you could use a coach. A life coach is really just someone who helps, encourages, and sometimes pushes you to shoot for the stars. Imagine me like a football coach. Sometimes there’s a gentle nudge of praise- “Come on. You can do it. You just need to try your best.” At other times, there’s a more obvious push. “Get off your butt and move!”

A coach is free to help you see the big picture without having to face all the ordinary distractions that you face in your life. Sometimes it’s hard to fix our own problems when we also have to simultaneously deal with family, school, work, church, and everything else that happens all at once. Part of my job is to pull my clients away from that at least for a moment so we can work on a plan to fix things. When I coach my clients, one of my first tasks is to discover their idea of a perfect life where they can live their passions and lead a rich life. Finding this answer often reveals that they are in the wrong place in life, perhaps the wrong job or that life is just way out of balance. Finding the answers isn’t always easy, but is often very satisfying. Then the really hard work of making the perfect life a reality begins. That’s when we face, manage, and deal with all the distractions that come roaring back in as soon as the appointment is over.

It’s very fun and gratifying work. There’s no better thrill than seeing someone with little hope of an enjoyable life finally make the turn and cry out in joy. If you think a coach might be the right choice for you, drop me a line. I’m always willing to meet a new client for coffee or lunch. It won’t cost you anything but the meal and you can check me out to see if I might be able to help you.

One thought on “Is Coaching Right for You?

  1. Hey, awesome post.

    I kind of feel that a life-coach is just for people who are lazy or don’t have a sense of motivation.

    No one can change you, you’re the only one who can change yourself. But sometimes you need a person to help jump-start yourself to become motivate and fix your life. Sometimes it can be a close friend, your family, or for some people they choose to get a life-coach.

    I think the term needs to be adjusted, because no one should be and is coached throughout their life.

    You should just live life.

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