The Birth of a Coffee Mixologist

I have now made the jump from simple coffee expert to Award-Winning Coffee Expert. Now, it doesn’t make my coffee concoctions taste any better. They already taste great (you should try them). What it does it make people, restaurants, and businesses more likely to have me host coffee parties or make appearances. And with that thinly veiled sales pitch over, I’ll present the recipe that earned me a mention in Weekly Surge’s first ever mixology contest where I was pitted against a slew of alcoholic beverages and prevailed.   


Kona Egg Bomb Coffee

Buy Hawaiian Kona coffee beans. The real thing is best, but a Kona blend will do in a pinch.

Grind the beans right before brewing for the best smells. Brew the coffee. Any manner will do, although a French press is the recommended method for maximum flavorability. A drip machine will work fine also. A Chemex pot could be used for maximum aesthetic sexiness.

For the coffee, go with one tablespoon of grounds for every two cups of coffee for medium strength. Use less or more grounds for your own preference.

Once the coffee is made, gently drop in a Cadbury egg. Allow the egg to sit for about 10 minutes in the coffee. Then gently stir to spread the sugary goodness evenly.

The floral undertones of the Kona coffee combined with the chocolate and fondant crème of the egg combine to create a concoction that works great as a before dinner palate awakener or an after-dinner dessert drink.

That’s it. The best drinks and meals are often the simplest. The only hard part may be finding Cadbury eggs in various times of the year.


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