My 2010 Christmas Wish List

My wife said I should have put this out earlier, and I probably will next year. My answer to her though was that the items are still available. So, why do I put out a Christmas list? I mean, I know that my readers split between several camps. There are a few close friends and family that do buy gifts for me. There are close friends and family that don’t buy gifts. And then there are my digital friends. I love you guys, but we don’t really know each other yet and you don’t buy me gifts. I say yet because I would hope that many of you will eventually join me on an adventure or show up at one of my presentations.

Oh yeah, why do the list? Two reasons. Of course, one is that I hope someone will buy me these things or that maybe the company will send me something to review. The other reason is more altruistic. I figure, if I like it, many of my friends who engage in similar hobbies would also like it.

1. Adjustable Dumbbells. These are the one size fits all dumbbells where they sit on a small stand and you dial in the weight. Bowflex made these things famous, but there are a lot of them on the market. Most of them go from 5-50 or 10-100 pounds. These are great for home gyms like the dojo that my wife built for me in our garage. No more need to have 20 differet sets of dumbbells lying around.

2. Athletic Slippers. I like to wear slippers around the house, even in the summer. The winters though are when those puppies stay on all the time. I have a pair of standard dude slippers that I wear around the house but they hold foot odors and are useless for anything atheltic like chasing my boys around the house. As my dojo is unheated I’ve been searching for a good pair of athletic slippers that I can wear to do my pilates and martial arts workouts and still be good to wear around the house like a hipster Mister Rogers. I’m torn though between a slipper type of shoe or all the way with the new Vibram five finger shoes.

3. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 for the Wii. We bought a Wii once we cancelled cable so we could still watch Netflix. It’s the first gaming system I’ve owned since my Atari 2600, and I fell in love with it. I play the Wii Resort Golf that came with it all the time. The great thing is that with instant recognition of mistakes it’s helped my real golf game immensely, better than any live instructor I’ve ever worked with. I think it’s time to ratchet up a level with a game that has more specs and more items to analyze.

4. Saddleback Leather Briefcase Classic Dark Coffee Brown. I have really great friends who are friends with the owner of this company Dave Munson, so I hear a lot about him and see a lot of the videos he makes about his gear. Awesome stuff and guaranteed to last through shark and crocodile attacks and spears thrown by African Masai tribesmen. I’m serious, there are videos and photos of this on the company website.

So that’s it. That’s my list of must have items this year for an authentic lifestyle.

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