Have a Mutineer Christmas

If you’d like to save some time, quit reading this blog and go out to buy this month’s Mutineer magazine. If you’re in the Barnes and Noble Market Common (Myrtle Beach SC) store right now, I’m sitting across the aisle from the food magazine section in the cafe. Flash me a thumbs up if you see me- bald guy with the goatee.

If you’d like a preview though before you buy the mag, please continue reading. I’ll offer you my unadulterated Dr. Dave’s quicknotes opinion.

One word sum-up…stupendous!

Love the alcoholic Christmas-ey cover, and it gets better from there. I dog-eared half the pages in this one to talk about, but I’ll boil that down so that there’s still some magazine for you to read.

A review of the Black Gold movie..despite my life revolving around coffee and my biz as The Coffee Scholar, I’ve never heard of this movie. The Netflix description said “This movie is: Dark.” It exposes the dark side of coffee, so I guess it’s a docu-horror. I just went to Netflix and reserved it though. It’s not on Instant Play, so you’ll have to wait your turn ’til I’m done with it.

I’m so stoked by the worldwide wine-ventures of Georges and Anja, especially the description this month of ice wines in British Columbia.

Thirsty children in Nepal…to get the gist of this article, follow these instructions. Go to your tap. Fill a glass of water. Look at it good and hard. Then go outside and dump it out, knowing you can’t have it. Go back inside and refill the glass from your toilet. The bowl, not the tank. Go back outside. Pick up a handful of dirt and dump it in the glass. Go back inside and stir it with a dirty utensil from your sink. Then drink………..That will give you an idea of the drinking water for the kids in Nepal. Read the article to see what A Child’s Right is doing about it.

Alder Yarrow of Vinography.com fighting a stuffed deer…’nuff said.

Where were you on 9/11? Read Megan Wiig’s account from Austria.

After reading the Soda Jerk column, I’m on an as yet unfruitful search for Mexican Coca Cola. Who knew?

D’Amico scored big in the Coffee & Tea column for the MacGuyver-like steps to build a home coffee roaster from a Jiffy Pop.

and the best for last…oh my goodness, the holiday recipes. Apricot and chevre bites. Yes! Yes!

So that’s it. Consider it my 30-second breakdown of another awesome issue of the Mutineer.

Dr. Dave


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