Is Snapple Overdone?

I bought a Snapple today, the first one that I’ve purchased in a long time. Snapple used to be the cool drink that was a little hard to find but worth searching for. Now it’s everywhere. Snapple is just like a Coke, Nestea, or any other drink I can grab from the convenience store shelf. What exactly does that mean for Snapple?

I don’t know, but it just seems a little less cool. Ubiquity might have upped the gross profits, but it changed the reputation. Now Snapple is just another bottle in a sea of bottles.

Think about this, especially the scale of your product or project, as you make strategic plans. Of course, you have to start small and cool, but do you want to remain that way? Or do you want things to blow up so big that they become second nature? Take time to think about it now and decide what is best for you, your business, and your family. Otherwise, a huge opportunity may come up that steps outside your plans but speaks to big-ness. Do you take it? Do you leave it? The decision can make or break you.

Oh yeah, the message from my Snapple bottle cap…”Real Fact” #739 You transfer more germs shaking hands than kissing.

Sounds good, but I think I’ll still greet folks with a handshake and be sure to keep the alcohol wipe close by.

One thought on “Is Snapple Overdone?

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