Architecture for Zombies

I was reading the latest issue of Metropolis magazine the other day. It’s one of my favorite mags and the only one that I read to get my architecture and design buzz. I noticed a small article on New York architect Andre Kikoski’s newest work.

He designed a facade for a row of warehouses in Brooklyn that is actually quite fascinating. Although it may not have been in Andre’s original plans, the warehouse appears to be relatively zombie-proof. The motorized steel doors on the front actually fold upward and act as awnings during the day. At night they are lowered for security and illumintaed in a ghostly glow by inset LED lights.

I talk about zombies a lot due to my fascination with the undead in movies, television, and books. Ieven teach classes in zombie preparedness. (They’re actually disaster prep classes that I call zombie classes. People seem to enjoy that more and in my area it helps them stay prepared for hurricanes.) But seldom do I see outside professionals take a proactive interest in prepping for the war, even if they didn’t do it for that reason. So two thumbs up to Andre for his creation.


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