Coffee with the Best Pastor in Hawaii

I reviewed The Divine Mentor a short time back, but I wanted to give it another mention, a more coffee-centric mention. The author, Pastor Wayne Cordeiro of New Hope Church in Honolulu HI, is a self-described coffee junkie, so I thought I’d give you a couple of quotes from the book. These deal with the relationship between coffee and his daily Bible devotions. The regularity, place, and style of Cordeiro’s devotions are part of the reason for the explosive growth of his churches in Hawaii. Therefore, it stands to reason that coffee is one of the mediums that God used to grow those churches.

From page 76…”Building a habit like this can be fun. If the new habit isn’t something you’re used to doing, then link it up with something you enjoy. For example,  I enjoy good coffee. So in the morning I link up to a good cup of coffee and a scone at the local cafe where I have my devotions. All of it, together, has become an enjoyable habit. Coffee…scone…my Bible and journal. It all flows together in my mind. I look forward to my time with my mentors in that shop. It’s the highlight of my day…and I’m pretty sure the Holy Spirit and my best friends all look forward to it too.”

From page 150…”You probably already know why Ilike to meet in coffee shops. I admit it: I’m a coffee addict. When I get a good cup of coffee and a scone, I’m euphoric. And when I add in my Bible reading…well, it’s absolute paradise. (That I live in Hawaii doesn’t hurt either.)

It also bears repeating from the initial book review, but the book was supremely awesome and well worth 5 stars. It has reshaped the way I do my own daily devotions and also given me a model for the style in which I conduct my mentoring program. I highly recommend it. After reading, if you’re ever in Honolulu, you know where to find Pastor Cordeiro at 0630 for a morning Bible study.

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