Scrap the Schools

I think it’s high time to completely scrap the current industrialized educational model. Why scrap it? Why not just change it? It’s just too far gone. The current educational system in the United States is producing a generation of children and young adults who simply just aren’t prepared to meet the challenges of 21st century society. You might say that there are plenty of smart kids who come out of the system, but I disagree. Those kids are the exception, not the norm.

I read an excellent article in this month’s The Futurist magazine about personalized learning. The article covers a system of education whereby each student has a very specific learning program to follow that is tailored for them and them only. Sounds great, right? Actually, it does. But it just won’t work within the confines of the current educational model.

“In 1984, educational researcher Benjamin Bloom found that average students who were tutored one-on-one outperformed 98% of students who were learning via conventional methods.”

That’s right- all the way back in 1984 we had scientific data confirming a method to rewrite the American educational system and change the world. How much longer will we sit on this research? Another few decades?

There are a few educational institutions that are doing this below the college level, but they are in the distinct minority. More and more charter schools are operating now that groom students for specific educational goals, but they still have to operate within the system. Even most private and religious schools who have free reign to rewrite the way they teach are still based upon the industrialized model of education.

Colleges are coming over to personalized learning more and more as time goes by. Most schools offer interdisciplinary degrees that are acceptable for almost any careers that the students wish to plan for.  A person could specialize in almost any obscure passion they wanted and still obtain a college degree that is fun, motivating, and challenging. Or the student could forego college and go the way of the millionaire, as many college and high school dropouts have done.

My wife and I have chosen the ultimate personalized learning route and have chosen to teach our kids at home. It’s one of the best decisions we ever made, and it’s so much fun! I highly recommend it if you have the necessary life experience, a modicum of smarts, and the energy to do it. I believe personalized learning is the proper way to revolutionize the educational system in America and change it into one that will eclipse the world with passion, energy, and  “authentic” living!


2 thoughts on “Scrap the Schools

  1. Via Facebook- Shane wrote: “There are a few points taken out of context, in my opinion. Specifically, Bloom did not necessarily advocate one-on-one learning as a reasonable possibility, especially in a nation as large as ours. Bloom’s Taxonomy was created specifically to help current educators create a more reasonable learning environment than was present, which we are still striving for. Yes, you are right that change has been slow, but personal, individualized learning is currently only possible for a small, and I mean small, percentage of children in this society. Don’t get me wrong, it is great that you and Korrene have decided to take this route. I am so glad that you two have the availability and education to do so. But, imagine this – your average family from a low socioeconomic area trying to accomplish this. Until serious social and familial changes are made (unlikely), we will not be able to accomplish this across society. We need to find a way to do this within the system that is in place, because that is where society will benefit from it the most. I’m not just saying this because I’m a teacher (I likely won’t be teaching anyway), I’m saying this because I’m a realist when it comes to education. I want the lease amount of kids to fall through the cracks as possible, and I can’t help but imagine how many more would fall through the cracks if the entire education system was scrapped.”

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