Polar Bear Plunges Should Be Mandatory for Everyone

As a great way to close out a past year and open up all possibilities for the coming one, my 6-year-old son Abishai and I participated in a polar bear plunge on December 31, 2010 at Ocean Lakes Family Campground. The air temp was absolutely beautiful in the 60’s F, but the water temp hovered at 43 degrees F. After just a minute or two in the water after full submersion, my legs started to go numb. Man, it was fun. My uber-brave 6yo enjoyed it immensely as well. It was a great way to open a new year and a new chapter of exciting adventures and opportunities in 2011!

To archive the event, I held my dive camera in my hand while I ran into the water, so please watch the videos. On the part II video, yes, that it me screaming.

My wife also took plenty of photos. They’re in a photo album on my Facebook site if you’d like to see them as well.

Here’s to a brave and hearty 2011!


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