Would You Like E Coli with Your Coffee?

I published a photo on Facebook yesterday of the in-room coffee and coffeepot at a Sleep Inn in Sumter SC where I stayed while attending a homeschool conference. It brought in quite a few comments, so I thought I’d reprint everything for today’s el blogo.

The question I posed was, why do hotels have such nasty coffee? I was mainly just thinking about the brown water that passes for coffee, but, as you can see, it went in a different direction.

Brian C- Because they know you’re going to Starbucks anyways.

 Crystal C-  Well think about how much bacteria is on the coffee pot itself…. and then to think most coffee pots are where? in the bathroom “by the toilet” 😦 eewwwwwwwww

I responded…I was just thinking nasty coffee, but now the germ side of things raises it another notch.

Crystal C- Yep think about it… or maybe not… are they EVER cleaned?

Teresa P (my mom)- It isn’t the coffee that is nasty, it is the coffee makers. I never use them. I take my own 4 cup maker and use their coffee in it. Of course I could drink coffee if it was made from swamp water so what do I know?

Chris F- It’s like they’re saying that they’ll feed you but feed you lousy!

David E- ‎= Cheap

Janice G- They are supplying it out of obligation…?

Jake W- Well, if they provided good coffee, then they would have people excited to come back and make reservations for another trip . . . oh, wait, I have no idea.

What do you think?


One thought on “Would You Like E Coli with Your Coffee?

  1. Via Facebook- Honey wrote: “i take dish detergent to the hotel and wash out the coffee pot,cups etc!!! hotels are a breeding ground for bacteria! or is that hot tubs?”

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