Wine is for Losers

Just received the latest issue of The Mutineer magazine, and they’ve thrown down the gauntlet.

I can’t say how pleased I am to see that the coffee vs. wine war has been started with D’Amico’s ‘Do You Know What Beef Is?’ article. I’ve always felt it. Always known it. But I’ve been afraid to say it too loud to avoid losing friends and social contacts. After all, who wants to offend Gary Vaynerchuk? The truth is out there though, wine sucks and coffee rules.

You’ve got to read the issue to see the first of hopefully many articles that Chris D’Amico to further his beachhead in this war that the oenophiles will surely take umbrage to.

The first article discusses the issue of terroir, which refers to the land that a product such as coffee, tea, or wine comes from. Chris makes some pretty good points that wine is much further from the terroir than coffee, and he makes wine look like an institutionally processed nasty juice compared to good coffee. Think middle school cafeteria food compared to a Ruth’s Chris steak.

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