My Personal Harajuku Moment

I purposely waited a while to write this blog. For any of you that have been following me for a while, you know that many of my blogs deal with esoteric coffee-related interests or my other activities. Occasionally I’ll offer opinion pieces that can get a little bit personal about how I feel about something. Very seldom though do I really open myself up to the world, even though many of my readers are friends and family. This will be a very personal one, so please be kind in the comments.

I blogged the other day about Harajuku moments. Please read the blog to see exactly what a Harajuku moment is. I did this after reading about them in Tim Ferriss’ new book The 4-Hour Body. I wrote the blog in an effort to help anyone who read it, maybe help them find their own moment. I didn’t realize that a fews days later I would run headlong into my own.

(this is not me…yet)

As I read through Ferriss’ book I’ve been implementing portions of it into my own life and making lifestyle corrections as needed. When I hit the Ground Zero chapter about body measurements, I took my own, and it scared me. I also had my wife take photos of me in just a pair of shorts to reveal my current level of fitness. That part didn’t scare me. It sickened me. I’ve always been a big guy with what I like to think of as a Viking build. In other words, I’m big enough that I can hide a very poor fitness level easily. I let that excuse keep me from paying much attention to my personal fitness level. I’m also a very active person. Despite my dwindling fitness and health I’ve still pushed on to some amazing physical feats that included mountain climbing, multiple marathons, scuba, martial arts and more. The thing is, I pushed through them mainly with a very high level of willpower and not much else. In other words, some of those ventures hurt me pretty bad both during and after. Instead of completely enjoying the moment I suffered through many of those experiences and enjoyed the accomplishment more so than the actual event. Afterwards, it was all good because I tended to concentrate on what I had done and conveniently forgot all the pain, tears, blisters, blood, and bruises.

If I wish to continue my activities and not find myself seriously injured or dead, I need to change. Mt. Everest and the remaining Seven Summits I haven’t climbed are still on my Bucket List. Those are mountains where I need a fitness level that will allow me to make the summit and still have a high enough energy level to also make it back down safely. With a wife and kids to think about I’m being very frivolous with my life right now doing these things without truly being physically ready.

A couple of people I knew or were acquainted with have also recently died suddenly. One was David Brittain, a well known businessman in Myrtle Beach SC where I live. I’ve known him on a professional basis for years. I was told that he simply collapsed while eating with his family and was later pronounced dead at the hospital of a cardiac event. Judging by physical appearance and personal experience he looked like a fairly fit guy. He was 54 when he died. Another death was that of Royal Marshall, the producer for the Neal Boortz radio show. I didn’t know Royal personally and never met him. The thing is, I’ve heard him on the radio show so much over the years that I felt like I knew him. He collapsed at his home, and the paramedics were unable to revive him. He was only 43. I’m 36 this month.

For several reasons those deaths hit me pretty hard. The gist of it is that I don’t want to die because I’m turning my body into crap because of how I live and what I eat

In coming days, weeks and months I’ll be telling you exactly what I’m going through. I’ll be showing you my measurements. I’ll show you my profile pics. I’m going to put it all out there and open myself up to praise, criticism and derision. I’m going to use all of you as my accountability partners. If I don’t change, I’ll have to face all my blog subscribers and Facebook friends. I invite you to hold me accountable. Feel free to ask me how I’m doing. Feel free to comment on any of our shared social media on my project. This is scary for me. Having been able to hide a growing poor fitness level for years I’m leaping a huge hurdle by opening myself up in this way. That’s why I’m asking for your help.

Feel free to friend me on my personal Facebook page or subscribe to the blog and receive it in your e-mails. Both boxes should be on this page to click through and do that.

Thanks ahead of time for your help.


13 thoughts on “My Personal Harajuku Moment

  1. Via Facebook- “thanks for the honesty! you will be able to help others by opening yourself up like this I am sure! And if anyone gets “mean” sic your Mom on them!!” Rita B.

  2. Via Facebook- “Alright… Here’s your your first accountability check up. Drop right now and give me 10 push ups- 4 count OHHH RAAA!! I’ll do them as well. Here we go.” Mark P.

  3. Via Facebook- “as you know, its a life style change, not a diet, not a training program. congrats & best wishes to you! the feedback you get will help tremendously! i need to get my hubby to face a few facts; i fear i could be a widow in my 40’s” Tia W.

  4. You know the timing is a little off with your wife getting bigger with pregnancy. Aren’t the husbands supposed to put on sympathy weight? JK, I’ll help as best I can! Love ya!

  5. Great article, David. We all have these moments and react to them differently. Hopefully we can keep the long term in mind while we struggle through the short term challenges.

  6. Doc: I read a lot of your stuff and enjoy it all as much as I enjoy your company and conversation when the Angry Men’s Luncheon Group meets. I have to say, though, this piece has, indeed, moved me to a level which I think is different from my normal status quo. You know I’m a pretty big guy, 200 pounds and a barrel chest. I have too much girth and would like to lose it. I do not have a problem with denial, I just really like to eat and really hate to exercise. But what you said this time hits home a little more completely than just having a friend tell me they’re concerned. You talked about some things you’d like to do that will be impossible unless you make a change. That smacks. That’s worth thinking about. Thank you.

    • Thanks Mike! It’s something we can work on together if you’d like. Imagine if at the 2nd anniversary of our men’s group we all walked in looking like a bunch of muscley man thugs instead of the pear-shaped guys we are now.

  7. I’m rooting for ya! I think it’s great & you’ll end up feeling so good you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner.

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