Batman vs Star Trek Zombies

Dropped by Apocalypse Comics today in Longs SC while on my way back from a trip across the border, the NC-SC border that is.

Here’s my take for today and my current diatribe on the economics of the comic book industry.

Picked up the new issue of Batwoman issue #0. Glad to see this one starting up. I have a thing for strong female types and was glad to snatch up the debut issue.

Chad (the shop owner) had placards all over the place advertising DC Comics’ new pricing platform that’s not actually very new. Back in October DC dropped their prices on most comics down to $2.99. I’ve always been primarily a Marvel comics guy but I may cross over the line with the new pricing. Because of my own Viking heritage I’ve been buying up anything Thor or Asgardian that came out, but I purposely gaveup on the new Thor issues this trip to try out a few cheaper DC titles. Marvel better pick up on this or else.

Snagged the latest issue #3 of Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula. I’m a connoisseur of all things Holmesian and love to see the expanding mythology in graphic form.

Figured I’d try out Batman Incorporated issues 1 and 2. The concept looks pretty cool. Being a lifetime entrepreneur myself I’m anxious to see how Batman goes about franchising himself. There’s also a great coffee scene in #1 that I’ll show you soon.

And the best for last…the promo items for IDW’s multi-universe zombie crossover The Infestation are coming out. The series will involve the Transformers, Star Trek, GI Joe and possibly more. They gave me one of the Star Trek Infestation patches.

That’s all for now. I’d talk more but I have some reading to do.


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