A Jaunt Around the Hotel-Motel Supply Show

The annual Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show of the Southeast made it’s stop in Myrtle Beach SC again last week. This marked the 36th show, although I’ve only been attending for the past couple of years. I always like to attend to look for new items, coffee-centric products and grab all the free goodies and samples the  booths give away.

Disclaimer– I am and will continue to be very critical of mass-produced and offered hotel and restaurant coffee. Most of it is nasty brown juice that will melt your stomach and make your breath smell like a repository for dog cadavers. I find that most of their grounds and blends are a good excuse to buy the cheapest of beans and pass them along to the consumer.

Here’s the rundown on the highlights…

S&D Coffee, Inc. had a booth. You’ve probably seen their swill in hotels before. On the Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Company flyer I noticed a promising Java Kalisat brew that I might have to review at a later date for you just to try it out. The rest of their offerings just spoke of Columbian this and Mocha that.

I also stopped by the Royal Cup booth and tried their Mexican beans. It was pretty good. They have a number of single origin beans that also look promising. My visit to the Royal Cup booth gives me hope for institutional coffee.

The most interesting, although non-coffee-centric booth, was the one for Bambooware. They had an impressive display of bamboo dishes that included both natural and dyed colors.

The Classic Coffee Concepts company was the only big supplier of coffee-making tools in the sow.

I also checked out the Edy’s booth to inspect their coffee-related flavors. In their catalog they have quite a few. Haagen-Dazs has coffee and java chip flavors and a coffee almond crunch ice cream bar. They’re debuting a sweet chai latte flavor this year. Edy’s has coffee, espresso chip and green tea. Edy’s frozen yogurts have espresso, cappuccino. I so want some review samples of these, but my diet would preclude an amount for sufficient enjoyment.

It was a decent show, as far as small convention centers go. I got lots of free goodies also, including some toys for my 2 wee lads at home.

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