My Personal Harajuku…Blood Testing

One big aspect in my new lifestyle journey is knowledge. I’ll be honest, I avoided and ignored testing before because I didn’t really want to know. It’s much easier to remain in denial about something if you’re not confronted with it. Some fat people avoid mirrors. I didn’t do that. I was more afraid of the inside, what was going on in my blood. I’ve had high cholesterol for years. I blamed it on genetics. I’m sure it was partly that, but it was mostly just bad eating and poor health. I couldn’t ignore the cholesterol tests though, the dad-blamed doctors kept taking more and more blood for the tests to see if the meds were working.

As soon as I begun reading 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss I noticed how he placed particular attention and importance on testing. How else can you know how you’re doing and the level of your progress? Before I started this change in lifestyle I took basic measurements such as weight, body fat percentage and measures of key areas of my body. Yesterday I took the first of the major blood tests that I’ll use for future comparisons.

My local hospital Grand Strand Regional Medical Center does a health fair day at the mall each year. The main event of the fair is blood profile/panel report. For $25 you can donate some life juice and be tested for around 30 blood markers that range from the norm of glucose and cholesterol to obscure liver and thyroid hormones. It’s a crazy amount of tests worth nearly a $1000 dollars if you did them seperately at a doctor’s office. You’re basically just paying for the test tube and needle. All you have to do is stand in line and fast for 12 hours prior. No problem.

I showed up at about 0845 for an event that started at 0900. The line was already about a quarter of a mile long snaking through the mall. I waited from then until 1007. Not too much over an hour wasn’t bad for the cost savings. One of the nurses told me that they’ll see around 1500 people in 5 hours. The only real downside to the whole process is that it takes a few weeks to get the results. When the results come in I’ll let you know how they compared to past screenings.

The point of this whole rant is that I think you should get tested. Even if you haven’t had a harajuku moment yet, it’s still a great idea to get a baseline and also to see if there’s anything weird going on in the blood. At the least, $25 for this test is a good reason to spend a weekend in Myrtle Beach and practice a little domestic medical tourism.


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