My Personal Harajuku…A 3 Week Check Up

I guess it’s time. At the insistence of my friend, former Marine comrade, and oftentime accountability partner Mark Priganc it’s time that I do a check up for everyone on my progress. (That’s Mark in the photo below. He and I were on an ocean rescue mission at the time.) It doesn’t do much good to put this out there  for public accountability if I don’t release the results, right?

So, here we go for the three week score…

Baseline Measurements- Weight 243; Fat 37%; Upper Arm Bicep left 14.75 & right 14.5 (no Hulk Hogan pythons here yet); Waist 44.25; Hips 45.25; Thigh left 26.25 & right 26.125; Neck 18 

Week 1- Weight 241; Fat 36%; Upper Arm Bicep left 14.5 & right 14.625; Waist 45.5; Hips 44.5; Thigh left 26.625 & right 26.875; Neck 18.25 

Week 2- Weight 238; Fat 36%; Upper Arm Bicep left 14.875 & right 14.625; Waist 44.25; Hips 44.75; Thigh left 25.875 & right 25.875; Neck 18 

Week 3- Weight 240; Fat 36%; Upper Arm Bicep left 14.625 & right 14.5; Waist 43.125; Hips 44.375; Thigh left 26.75 & right 26.5; Neck 17.875

Significant changes (so you don’t have to add/subtract all these numbers)-

1. 3 lbs of total loss

2. Lost one percentage of body fat

3. Lost 1.125 inches on my waist

4. Lost almost an inch on my hips

So there it is. I wouldn’t say I’m overjoyed with the results. Everyone wants to do something like this as fast as possible. I’m okay with the results though, and the lack of huge progress isn’t going to deter me. As a matter of fact, I’ve already ideintified several factors that I can change or modify to make it work better in the next 3 weeks.

3 thoughts on “My Personal Harajuku…A 3 Week Check Up

  1. That’s great! Statistically, people who lose weight at the rate of 1-2 pounds per week are more likely to keep the weight off because they are incorporating healthy habits into their lives. Good job sticking with it through your injury, many would have used that as an excuse to delay making changes.

  2. Those are some good results for a sustainable program. Huge rapid results are not realistic, or common. But, they do sell exercise equipment on TV. Keep up the good work. Semper Fi.

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