It Burns…It Burns…Jamaica Jerk at Bingy’s

I love Jamaican food. My sis brought me back a jar of jerk seasoning from the island year’s ago from her honeymoon trip. I’ve been addicted ever since. My wife uses it on everything from chicken to beef to eggs. I love it. I usually don’t like hot food, mainly because most restaurants and assorted amateur cooks use it for heat and nothing else. I felt that way about the Chik Fil A spicy chicken- all heat with no flavor.

Based on Becky Billingsley’s review on a new Jamaican spot called Bingy’s in Myrtle Beach SC I thought I’d try it out today. I was in the small burg known as Socastee (too small for a Mayor but big enough for a post office) and dropped in for lunch. I like it! The place is small and cozy with just a couple of small tables that give one the idea that it’s mainly a carry out spot rather than a sit in and dine venue. That’s alright though. Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten in Jamaica was from food carts, so dining  off of disposable dishes made it feel more authentic. Bingy’s seems like a non-nonsense good food kind of establishment anyway. They don’t claim to be a white china establishment and and don’t need to.

I ordered the jerk chicken patty sandwich with steamed vegetables. What I really wanted was the rice and peas, but my new diet is lower on carbs than what I really enjoy. In lieu of the new diet I also got an unsweet tea. I did splurge on one item though, a bottle of spicy ginger beer. It’s non-alcoholic like root beer and is indeed very spicy. I’m slightly addicted to ginger though, so it was perfect. The chicken was awesome. Not too spicy but enough to make me sweat. If I don’t sweat while eating Jamaican food, it’s not made right. They even included extra jerk sauce for dipping.

My only quandry with Bingy’s was that there was no Blue Mountain Coffee on the menu. There are few places in the area that serve it, and the crew might spike the business a little by capitalizing on that. I’m biased though, because I’m a coffee freak! 

I’d highly recommend Bingy’s as a lunch stop. Now I’m itching to try it out for dinner. The menu features other authentic meats like goat and oxtail for dinner entrees. Even if you’re not hungry, they have a sweet selection of Jamaican sodas and drinks. If you’re driving by, stop there instead of the convenience store for a beverage and try something new.

Bingy’s @ 4989 Socastee Blvd (Hwy 707), Myrtle Beach SC 29588


Open 11:00 a.m. until whenever


2 thoughts on “It Burns…It Burns…Jamaica Jerk at Bingy’s

  1. Via Facebook- “She tried to kill me once with it.” Teresa P.
    (This is my mom. She’s referring to my wife’s first ever attempt with jerk and no idea how much to use. It almost melted the whole family. Dr. Dave)

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