Spider-Man Destroys a Coffee Shop

I find it a bit distressing the way supervillains are always picking fights in coffee shops. Honestly, coffee shops are usually small locations, just enough room to order, imbibe, talk, sit, and maybe a small live mic stage at the most. They are not big enough for super-battles. As you’ll see from the pics, the coffee shop always ends up on the short end of the coffee stirrer.

The pics are from Web of Spider-Man issue 91 from August 1992.


5 thoughts on “Spider-Man Destroys a Coffee Shop

  1. Via Facebook- Janine wrote: “where do u live that people destroy coffee shops. Dont they normally have bar fights around there.”

  2. Via Facebook- Diana wrote: “In the movie Spiderman II, Dr. Oct throws a car through the window of a coffe shop that Pete and MJ are having a heartfelt chat.”

  3. Via Facebook- Teresa wrote: “Janine, around here they have fights everywhere. We live in the South where Rednecks get a bad rap. I call them “good ole boys”. I love my coffee and detest anyone who would destroy a coffee shop. haha”

  4. Via Facebook- Janine wrote: “It sound more like the wild west Teresa. You sure they dont ride into town on horseback with guns swinging. Lol”

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