Midget Beer Protesters in The Mutineer

Really, there are pics of a tiny wee yet scary looking man protesting the size of beer offerings in London. He’s so cute and mean and cute. There’s other stuff in the March/April issue of The Mutineer too, aside from the wee cute little scary man.

There’s an ad for Ovila Abbey Ales, an offering from the monks at the Abbey of New Clairvaux. I’ve always been a big fan of monk products. There’s an abbey near my home where I’ve gone in the past to spend a weekend of meditation and writing. The abbey I visited raised chickens and sold the eggs. I’ve also purchased coffee from an abbey in South America. Monks are the ultimate entrepreneurs and often raise or make things to support their monasteries. If you ever have the chance to visit an abbey, drop in. They usually do tours and have small shops. Some of them, like Mepkin Abbey near Moncks Corner SC, host guest quarters for visitors to stay in.

Dan Dunn wrote an excellent column about angry drunks. It’s worth the cost of the magazine just to read this one. Rage on, Dan!

As usual D’Amico penned a lovely coffee column about going green with your coffee. I have to be honest though, after last month’s salvo in the coffee vs. wine war, I was looking forward to another attack on the coffee snobs.

The Mutineer is a great magazine. If you are one of those people who ever get thirsty, which should include you, and like beverages ranging from water to coffee to soda to the hard stuff, I promise you’ll love it.

To quote editor Alan Kropf, I’ll sign off by saying “Godspeed Thirsty Planeteers”.


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