My Name in Lights

For a long time I’ve neglected one of the most fundamental aspects of marketing my business and my services. A large aspect of my professional life is public speaking- doing lectures, seminars, training, etc. I needed a commercial that succinctly explained what exactly I do. Finally, after a couple of meetings with my good friend Michelle Sutton, a marketing maestro, she convinced me to do a commercial and helped me script it. Then Brent Justice of Motionworks Multimedia helped me refine the script and set up the shoot. Brent was absolutely incredible during the process of filming, scouting locations, and the final editing and tech work. The whole being in front of the camera thing made me incredibly nervous, but Brent was great. He not only made me feel completely comfortable on screen, but he made me smile and feel good about it as well. Now that’s a big score for a perpetual pessimist like myself.

Some of the video was filmed in my living room and other parts on location in Murrells Inlet. Brent showed up at my front door with the whole setup from lights, camera, and mike. He even had an iPad with a prompter app on it for me to read from.

Maybe a commercial is in the future for you. I avoided making one for years but the finished product has already helped me with some of my marketing. I’d highly recommend using professionals for the job though. It’s worth the money.

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