Identity Theft- Surviving the Nightmare (book review)

A book review of Identity Theft: Surviving The Nightmare by Mark A Priganc

I previously reviewed Mark Priganc’s first book Identity Theft-The Personal Guide. You might remember, he’s the scary guy who can tell you all about yourself from driver’s license number to favorite color with only a few digits of information. Priganc has a new book out, which acts as a companion guide to the first one. This one covers what to actually do once an identity theft disaster occurs in your life. His newest book on identity theft is not only informative and an easy read. It also goes into more depth on this crime than any book on identity theft I have seen.  It shows how this crime will eventually affect you, but doesn’t leave you out in the cold. It also provides tools to reduce your exposure. In Identity Theft: Surviving The Nightmare he covers the five most common areas of this crime, but also introduces a lesser known area that is gaining momentum, called Synthetic Identity Theft.  The resources revealed in this book are very useful and empowering for a victim of this crime.  Priganc has even included an extensive question and answer section that is made up of actual questions he has answered for clients.

One of Mark’s claims not only in this book but in person when he is educating people on identity theft is “I can destroy your world and never touch your money.” It got my attention, and, after reading this book, I can say I understand why he makes the statement.  After reading the information in this book, I understand how identity theft is far more than a crime of someone taking or using your credit cards and bank information, and it can literally destroy your life.

I recommend Identity Theft: Surviving The Nightmare as a must read for everyone who has an identity, which does include everyone.

Other good reads of the last month…

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers. This was a loan from my cousin Chad Jesse, a chef over at the Crystallite Cafe. It’s a tragic but really funny memoir. It sounds weird but it really is sad and funny at the same time.

Packing for Mars by Mary Roach. I’ve never been so fascinated with space travel as I was after reading this book. I like sci-fi space travel with artificial gravity, laser guns, and Wookies. This book really broke everything down in a fun way and made a trip to Mars seem utterly fascinating.


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