I Love Cartoon Coffee

I watched the animated movie ""Up with my kids. That’s one thing kids are really great for. If, as an adult, you feel self-conscious about watching animated films, just take your kids. You’re doing it for them. If you don’t have kids, just grab a niece or nephew.

The movie was great and very emotional from really sad to extremely funny. Just the right combination. For my coffee-centric leanings I noticed a couple of nice coffee items in the movie that I thought I’d bring to you.

Like most men of his generation Carl Fredricksen (voiced magnificently by Ed Asner) starts his day with the usual instant coffee swill. It may not be good coffee, but it’s still coffee, right?

I really loved this part. It’s one thing to show coffee in general use by a character. I mean, that’s life. It’s exceptionally fan-coffee-tastic to highlight coffee as a solo item. Here’s a pic from the credits.

Hope you enjoyed this. If you haven’t seen the movie, go get it now. It’s great!


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