Making Roots with Caitlin Beidler in Haiti

Some of my longtime readers of the blog or my magazine column might remember a young lady I’ve mentioned quite a few times in the past. Caitlin Beidler is an impressive artist and temporal philanthropist (I’ll  explain later) that I’ve gotten to know very well over the years. I’d like to say that I hang out with her a lot, but the girl is out of the country so much it’s hard to catch up with her. I’m guessing here, but I’d say she’s in Haiti at least 3-4 times a year.

I’m writing about her again because I just received a support letter from her ministry Making Roots yesterday. I thought I’d bring her up again in the hopes that some of you might like to help support her work. I’ve helped her in the past by buying artwork, helping with funds for trips, and writing about her as often as I can. I can guarantee from experience that it’s a worthy endeavor. One of the coolest things about supporting her are the little tiny art and letters that she sends out. It’s like a Christmas present every time I see a lumpy envelope from her in the mail.

For a number of years Caitlin worked on her own, enlisting support and help as she could but funding most of her mission work through her own art sales at Redemption Art. She does amazing canvas-type work but her most spectacular works are murals and live painting. I’ve seen her paint masterpieces in front of crowds at huge events and she doesn’t appear the least bit nervous. She even paints wedding portaits during the actual ceremonies. Recently she and her sister started a formal ministry, which is where Making Roots comes in. The ministry runs through her home place of worship, 180 Degrees Church. This means that any donations you send her are now tax deductible. I think it’s awesome that her church supports her efforts. I’ve attended and come across a lot of churches that absolutely will not support their members in ways like this. Many of them practice closed-loop leadership and don’t seem very concerned or helpful when God moves in their lives. It’s sad but true. I commend her church for this.

Caitlin is getting ready for another year at Camp Hope, a project she works on every year. This is why she could use the support right now. I urge you to help out. Even if you don’t neccesarily want to give outright to the ministry, at least check out her art. Buy a few pieces and you’ll still be supporting the effort. I have at least half a dozen pieces spread out around my house with two large paintings in my living room. I also commissioned a piece for my parents as a gift one year. You can see plenty of her works and find the ministry website at the links spread throughout the blog. If you’d like to know more, contact her. Better yet, show up at one of her mural projects and she’ll let you help paint. She’s also very active on Facebook with pics of her projects in Haiti and Africa. 

Now as to the Temporal Philanthropist title…ask me later and I’ll explain further.

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