Surviving Your Serengeti Book Review

This is a reprint of my book review column published each month in Transitions magazine…

Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business and Life"".

A good friend and fellow life coach recently recommended a book to me called Surviving Your Serengeti written by Stefan Swanepoel. This book appealed to me on several fronts. From my own travels and experiences I have a great affinity for Africa. I’m also a sucker for personal development and business books. Stefan’s book uses lessons learned from the African animals of the Serengeti to show how  various personality types and strengths affect us in life and in business. Each lesson comes from a particular animal…

The enduring wildebeest

The strategic lion

The risk-taking mongoose

The gracious giraffe

The communicating elephant

The enterprising crocodile

The efficient cheetah

There’s actually a self-test you can take at the book’s website to see which animal you might be. The website is I took the test and came out as the Enterprising Crocodile. Having read the book, I can definitely see this, and a crocodile is a pretty cool animal to be. Very ferocious, aggressive, and, yes, enterprising. I proudly used the app from the site to post my crocodile-ness on my Facebook page.

The book is written as a business fable. in other words, the actual non-fiction knowledge is carefully woven within a fictional story involving a couple on a safari trip to Africa. If you’ve ever read The Goal by Goldratt and Cox or Who Moved My Cheese by Johnson and Blanchard, it’s a similar format. I love these type of books. Jesus taught that way with parables in order to gain everyone’s attention and it worked marvelously. If Jesus did it with such great success, how can an author go wrong with the same layout. There’s just enough fiction to get us attached to the characters and tons of knowledge that comes out through their actions and thoughts.

It’s a very good book. If you’re a fast reader, it makes for an excellent Sunday afternoon on the patio. if you’re a slower reader and like to really digest your books, you could easily tackle a chapter or animal each night.  

Take the opportunity to explore the book’s website as well, not just the animal test. There’s a lot of information on Africa and Stefan’s life there where he spent his most formative years among the animals talked about in the book. I just checked the website to write this review and the home page featured a beautiful photo of my first major summit Mt Kilimanjaro and an elephant herd.

Buy the book. Take the online test. Check out the website. Take a safari to Africa. ‘Nuff said.

                Other notable reads this month…

The Walking Dead: Compendium One"".

And Thereby Hangs a Tale by Jeffrey Archer"".

Of Love and Evil (Songs of the Seraphim, Book 2)"".


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