I Hate Traveling Alone

I absolutely hate seeing cute kids when I’m on trips alone. In case that sounds bad, let me explain.

It’s been a whirlwind month for me travelling non-stop. First it was to Washington DC with Korrene and baby Gideon, then home for a few days to repack, and then off to Portland OR on a solo trip. After this Portland trip where I’m at right now it’ll be home for one day and then off to Sumter SC with the whole family for a homeschool conference that I’m speaking at.

I’ve grown up with grandiose visions of travelling the world and having awesome adventures everywhere. A lot of it came from my Papaw Henry who had a wanderlust that I’ve seldom seen matched. It was always a wonder where he was at any given moment, as he travelled cross-continent in North America sometimes twice a year. I still have those dreams, but getting married and having kids has changed that. It’s not changed it in a bad way either. I still dream about climbing Mt. Everest, doing the Seven Summits, and climbing all 50 US Highpoints among all the other adventures I have planned. There’s even a list.

The big change for me is that I don’t want to do any of this anymore without my wife and one, two, or all of my kids along. I know they won’t be able to climb Everest with me, but it sure would be cool for them to hang out at base camp or in Katmandu while I’m on the mountain. On most of my trips, which are relatively tame trips to speak at conferences, they can all go and enjoy a new city. Right now I’m in Portland, and I’m seeing all the cool parks and playspots that I know my boys would enjoy while I’m in conferences and tooling around town. When I eat out at night I find myself imagining what Korrene or the boys choose from the menu, like the Captain Crunch at Voodoo Doughnut.

With this change I realize that I’m going to start doing some things different. In the most general manner of thinking I need to reorient the way I travel to make it more family friendly. No more roughing it like I do when alone, eating nothing but protein bars and cold canned food to save money. This might mean more driving trips than flying. It might mean taking a temp nanny along on some trips. I’ll have to budget a lot more for my trips and be sure that my speaking engagements pay enough to take everyone. It’s going to mean a lot of things. I’ll keep you updated as I, Korrene, Abishai, Benaiah, and Gideon figure things out. I hope you’ll stick with us for the adventure.

PS…We’re not the only family living all wild and crazy. To check out another one, take a peek at The Nonconformist Family. So far, I’ve only gotten to know them virtually, but they seem pretty cool.

3 thoughts on “I Hate Traveling Alone

  1. Thanks babe! It’s nice knowing you miss us. We would love to be with you too. I look forward to our future coversations about this topic.

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