Top 14 Ways to Dupe an Audience

I’m sure many of you have seen The Mentalist on television. It follows a character named Patrick Jane who was a very successful psychic medium, even though it was all completely made up. He states on many occasions how all the mumbo-jumbo is false and primarily just based on astute observation skills. He gives it all up after a serial killer slaughters his family because he used his fake abilities to profile the killer. Now he works with law enforcement using his abilities of observation to catch the bad guys.

I attended a lecture given at the first World Domination Summit in Portland recently that made me think about The Mentalist. It was the only thing at WDS that I thought was a waste of time. The rest of the summit was phenomenal, and I encourage you to attend next year. The presentation was called Heart Power, and it was by a guy named Mark Silver. Mark reminded me of the flashback scenes on The Mentalist that show Jane in his psychic days duping people for lots of money. So that inspired me to write a blog revealing the…Top 14 Ways to Dupe an Audience.

  1. Claim all your power and energy comes from a mysterious source of power that is universal. But don’t reveal or name the source. It’s hard for people to dispute what is not revealed.
  2. Claim that your message comes from an ancient, obscure, but indisputable religious source. But don’t reveal or name the source. It’s hard for people to argue with something they can’t find.
  3. Never claim to be the originator of your teaching. Helps to allay any blame or ridicule.
  4. Mention at some point that your entire teaching might seem like gobbledeygook to some people. It puts critical people off guard.
  5. Claim that your message is subtle and that not everyone gets it. This makes any people who don’t agree with the teaching to question their lack of solidarity.
  6. Speak in a low and soft, but affirmative voice. It puts people at ease and makes them more accepting.
  7. Take frequent pauses during the lesson as if a higher power is sending you a mental text message. It makes it seem like this higher power is responsible for the message and not you.
  8. Claim that the source of the message is so ancient and powerful that it transcends modern organized religion and that it’s okay for anyone to accept. This will make some of the religious people in the audience think that anything that old must come from God because it’s so old. Do you see how each item on this list slowly chips away at any resolve found in the attendees? Only the people strongest in their faith will be able to remain adamantly devout until the end.
  9. Never use specific literary or scriptural references. Instead, refer only to proverbs and sayings. Paraphrase any Christian, Jewish, Islamic, or other verses used. The names of the writers can be mentioned but no specific references to chapter and verse. Sprinkle in various names with the mentions such as Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Buddha, Ghandi, etc. This will slowly gather all faith groups together in acceptance.
  10. Pre-screen attendees who will be responsive to your lecture and answer questions the way you want them to when you call on them.
  11. Relate the teachings to everyday events that will include almost everyone in the room. For example, you might ask, “Are you a mother or do you have a mother?” See. Everyone is included. Make the audience feel as one, and they will be more likely to fall into a group mind and less likely to speak against anything you’ve said.
  12. Acknowledge any remaining skepticism as the normal feeling of a searching person. Disarm any remaining skeptics.
  13. Be slightly effiminate, enough to make women feel comfortable but not so much to turn the men away. Make everyone in the audience feel comfortable with you.
  14. Mention affiliation with a particular religious movement but not so openly evangelical or dogmatically indoctrinated that you try to bring others in. This will help disarm religious people, even from other religions by making them respect the fact that you’re religious and not afraid to mention it.

There you go. Follow these steps with confidence and you can be the next great psychic with your own television reality show.   

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