My Hyper-Caffeinated Review of Shock Coffee

               I came across Shock Coffee reading a specialty coffee magazine. Normally I’m just a single origin coffee buff, but something about Shock Coffee really caught my eye. Oh yeah, it was the tagline of ‘hyper-caffeinated coffee’. I’ll admit it. I love the taste of coffee. It’s what draws me to it and keeps me interested. I do enjoy the caffeine too, and the promise of an extra dose of it can’t be bad, can it?…can it?…can it? Sorry, I stuttered there. My hands are shaking a little from all the caffeine.

                I contacted Shock Coffee for a few review samples of their coffee and the Shock-A-Lots chocolate covered coffee beans, and they delivered way over my expectations. I only expected a sample size bag of coffee and maybe a pack or two of the candies. Instead, a package arrived at my office containing a 24-pack case of mocha and latte iced coffee drinks, several bags of the coffee, and a box of Shock-A-Lots. Wow! I love it when coffee companies go heavy on the review samples. It gives me a chance to share the product with my merry band of coffee junkies and enhance the review by getting their take on things. It’s also great for the company because it exposes their product to more people. Another good reason I choose to share my bounty is so I don’t go into caffeine overload by partaking of too much for myself. So I spread things out and dove straight into my favorite part of being a coffee expert, the hands-on research. Yum!

                Triple Mocha and Triple Latte Iced Coffee Energy Blend- These drinks come in 8 and 15 oz. cans, each one packing three espresso shots worth of caffeine. They also claim to hold more juice than their fiercest behemoth competitor, the Starbucks Double Shot. These taste great. Very smooth with a true coffee taste. I’ve been drinking them in the mornings for my a.m. energy boost. It works great, and I haven’t experienced any of the energy drop that other drinks can cause. This is likely due to the fact that they don’t add ginseng and taurine like most energy drinks. This one is pure brewed espresso! (with a little milk, sugar, ground cocoa, and caffeine added). I savored them!

                Shock Coffee Energy Blend Ground Coffee– The actual coffee comes in several varieties and sizes, including both ground and whole bean. The literature boasts that it’s the “most potent, butt-kicking blend of coffee beans ever assembled” and promises 50% more caffeine than standard coffee. I’m always curious about the origin of a coffee product so I checked the website for it. Here’s the answer found on their Faq page- “First, we search the globe for highly caffeinated beans. Then, we roast ’em until we’ve reached the perfect balance of flavor and caffeine. And finally, we blend these light, medium and dark beans into a smooth-tasting, rich and Shockingly powerful cuppa joe.” Not exactly an answer as to origin, but I’m not drinking Shock for its fruity aftertones or flowery taste. I’m drinking it for a boost. For a non-origin specific coffee (although I’m guessing primarily South American) it still tastes great.

                Shock-A-Lots Chocolate Covered, Candy Coated Coffee Beans- I love chocolate coffee beans. It combines two of my gastronomic passions. Most choco-beans that I find are just that, chocolate and bean. These bad boy candies are different. They’re also candy covered. A definite plus. They taste great and come in a just-the-right-size package. Enough to satisfy for a snack and get the buzz going but not so much to ruin your supper. One pack of candy is the equivalent of one cup of coffee.

                I really enjoyed trying out and reviewing the products from Shock Coffee. They all tasted great, are packaged well, and deliver the promised buzz of extra caffeine. You should definitely give them a try.

                 Be sure to check their website at I love their home page, which is set up to feel like navigating through a coffee shop. The little hyper-caffeinated cartoon guy is funny also. To buy Shock Coffee products, just hit their website or find a retailer near you.

Buy some Shock Coffee now!"".


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