Addicted to Multi-Level Marketing

I opened up a dialogue the other day on my Facebook page that received a big number of responses, so I thought I’d translate it over here to the blog so that a wider audience could weigh in.

This came about because someone I know hit me with a multi-level marketing ambush. I won’t tell you who this is, as he will probably read the post and might be offended. Or maybe I should tell you so he doesn’t ambush me again. You see, this person has twice ambushed me with an unsolicited MLM sales pitch. He’s sneaky, but aren’t they all? I am a believer in self-employment, self-determination, and damn-the-man kind of thinking in regard to employment. I also believe that MLM businesses are a great way for many people to achieve financial independance. But let me emphasize that MLM businesses don’t give anyone an excuse to bypass the niceties of etiquette  and the core respect that you should have for friends, family, and even strangers.

So let me step off my soapbox and let the crowd speak. The following are some of the responses I received in my post about people being addicted to MLM…

Jason said…yes…there should be a support group for this

Rhonda said…What do you mean by addicted? I am not sure how you get addicted to joining MLM’s…explain please! do you mean hopping from one to another?

Susan said…Those people that invite you to 9 parties a month for different stuff they’re selling??? I know a few of those. They quickly end up with their messages in my “spam” folder!

Peggy said…ok for the “other side” … I recently joined another MLM because I like the product (DO NOT want to create a business) but I save ALOT by being a distributor … so it was worth it to “join.” just sayin’ …

Rhonda said…Its that way for a lot of people Peggy…it is usually the way to get the best price.

Peggy said…yep … and so for as long I use the product for me it’s worth it. I was very very very clear with the upline that I would NOT attend meetings, recruit, etc. anyway — it can get kinda crazy

I said…I’ll admit that I’ve been involved in 4. I know some people though, that are involved in a new one a month, and it seems like an addiction, especially when they only communicate with you to offer you the next big thing.

Peggy said…I would agree with you there Dr.Dave! I am currently involved in 2 — Send Out Cards and Boresha. And I have “customers” in both … and I USE both products all the time … so whether they ever make a “profit” they are worthwhile to me. And yes, I thot long and hard before joining either because of having joined some others that bombed on me … Xango, Shaklee, need I go on?!?!

I said…The MLM biz’s that I like best are the ones that don’t seem like it when they’re trying to pitch something to me.

I said…So, full disclosure now that Peggy’s out there, what groups have y’all been involved in?

Jason…I use PrePaid Legal and heavily researched selling it but decided not too – I like the idea of MLMs and have researched several but I have never found one I was seriously interested in doing.

Rhonda said…Currently Diamond Coach for Beachbody and LOVE it! (P90X, Insanity, Shakeology, etc…)Years ago I had been involved with a couple others and did not like it at all… there are definitely keys to being involved and one is patience. You d…on’t get rich over night…and the other for me is having amazing products that I believe in. I don’t focus on the selling aspect, I focus on relationship building with people. If I can help you, great, if not maybe I make a new friend or two!!

I said…I started with Quorum in high school. My wife was Mary Kay. Right now I use PrePaid Legal & Advocare. Jason and I have a common friend in PPL. I didn’t know Beachbody had a MLM. Right now I use mine for personal benefit like Peggy & don’t sell it unless people ask.

Rhonda said…We use PPL but I didn’t know it was an MLM either.

Peggy said…both of the ones I am in started with using and loving the product. As I told friends about them, and they expressed interest I figured why not “join” and get benefits BUT I refuse to “sell” so that people want to cross the street, change their name and hide their face when they see me coming!! I still have problems with a Shakelee “friend.”

Rhonda said…Yea Peggy…I started by using Shakeology and had no intention of working the business, I just wanted the best price possible. I started working the business at the end of January and I really love it. You cant use the “sell” approach…its tacky and can create major issues with people.

Rhonda said…Good question Dr David!!!!! Lots-O-Response.

Jason said…Ive worked at several offices were was that serial MLM’er that every time they walked through the door there was a new product/program. I didn’t want to be like them, thats what has kept me away from most programs. Plus there was only so many of the orange Vemma energy drinks I could drink in a day.

Rhonda said…If you think about it though…most every business is a “pyramid”. There are bad ones out there, of course…but any business is designed like a pyramid.

Peter said…Just started with Visalus. Love the product – company looks good too.

Stephanie said…started with Zija and it’s my first MLM. I love the product whether I build or not, but have made money so far. As long as I can pay for my nutrition, weight loss, detox, and skin care i’m good. I wouldn’t take on another MLM though. Don’t see how people can do so many, but that’s b/c I have 3 little ones at home.

Rad said…David I have something that I would like to share with you. All you need is your spare time and the desire to give your family the financial security you’ve always wanted……….;)

Lois said…I started on V3, a weight management product for myself, people ask me what I’m doing and have been selling it, (not working at it) and making around 2,500 to 3,000 a month. Now, thats a fun kind of bonus!!!

I had fun with this one. Hope you enjoy it too. What’s your take on MLM’s?

3 thoughts on “Addicted to Multi-Level Marketing

  1. There are many great ways to make money without MLM,
    and there is nothing better than having your own home
    based business!

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